Executives and Senior Managers benefit from Diversity

We help executives and senior managers to increase diversity in their team in an easy and efficient manner. This builds the basis for more profound management decisions.

We assist executives and senior managers in becoming inclusive leaders. Inclusive leaders achieve better results and greater success.
We support and coach executives and senior managers individually or in small groups.

They thereby benefit from the extraordinary combination of our longterm experience in management, personnel development and change management.

Motivate Employees through Inclusion

We help employees implementing and maintaining an inclusive working environment. This allows every employee to contribute with his and her full potential to the success of the organisation.

We train employees in diversity and inclusion, in particular, in their way of communication and leadership skills.
We develop employees in efficient and tailored trainings and workshops. We further conduct individually designed programmes for different groups of employees.

You will benefit from our longterm experience in designing, developing and conducting trainings, workshops and coaching.

Supporting Organisation

We support you in best aligning your organisation with diversity and inclusion.

Together with you we define and/or review your goals for diversity and inclusion, develope and/or refine your strategy and assist you with its implementation.

We optimise jointly with you your structures and processes in order to foster diversity and inclusion in your organisation.
Our support results from the combination of our longterm experience in management, development of personnel and change management.

Our advice is based on successfully tested procedures and longterm specific teaching.

Our advisory offer

Safegarding your reputation by Internal Investigation

Without proper investigation of a discrimination case your organisation risks its reputation with its customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

We conduct internal investigations of discrimination cases.
With our background as attorney at law and psychologist we stand for a confidential, independent and sensitive investigation of a discrimination case.

We combine our investigation with measures focused to facilitate diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

Professional Team

Dr. Laurenz Uhl is qualified as attorney at law in Switzerland and in Germany. For more than 17 years he worked for an international law firm (Linklaters LLP), for more than 10 years thereof as a partner. As head of the diversity and inclusion team at Linklaters LLP in Germany Laurenz developed a diversity & inclusion strategy and managed its implementation in the four German offices of Linklaters LLP.

Prof. Dr. Christian Weisbach teaches und researches at the University Tuebingen and the University Hohenheim. In addition, he has been active for more than 25 years in operational training and coaching. His focus is on the individual developement of personel and the developement of individuals in professional challanges.

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